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Granite memorial benches are becoming increasingly popular with individuals choosing cremation – especially when the loved one’s cremated remains final resting place is not at the cemetary. They're perfect for a favorite or cherished location including cabins, lakehomes & gardens.

More and more families are choosing memorial benches because they allow the family to have the cremated remains close, in a special and cherished location. Keeping a loved one’s cremated remains helps to preserve the memory of the individual who might be forgotten by grandchildren and those who follow.

Cremation Benches

The Bench is 48” wide x 14” deep x 4” tall. 
All Polished. Legs are 14” tall x 12” wide x 14” deep.
All polished and cored for cremated remains.

Single Bench

Single Bench is overall  18” high.

Base is 14” tall x 12” wide x 14” deep.

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